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The business came about when the two sisters were commiserating about their mutual ant problems, Marilyn in her bathroom, Patricia in her kitchen. Neither of them wanted to use harmful chemicals or other drastic measures to solve their ant problems, but they both had more than 15 years experience using universal energy to help people heal life challenges.

As master teachers, healers and communicators, they realized that they could use the techniques and methods they had trained for and practiced for more than 15 years each to gently relocate pests. They are both trained and certified through Soul Power Institute as taught by Master Zhi Gang Sha.

They experimented on their own ant infestations using Universal Light and were pleasantly surprised to discover that the ants were gone within two days — and never came back! They tried experiments on other pests and again discovered that their method worked just as effectively for removing rodents as well as bugs, all without harming them or the environment.

That’s when the idea for a business was born. “This could be a great business — a compassionate approach to pest control!” they said to each other. The result was Pests Out Now, founded in December 2018.

Success Story

SCH testimonial

“A couple of months ago, I moved into a lovely, relaxing home…but not for long! To my amazement huge numbers of uninvited guests appeared. Armies of ants started invading my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and part of my living room. I cleaned like crazy but they kept coming back. My friends at PESTS OUT NOW offered to help. I said “why not” but thought I’d have these guests for good!

Shortly afterwards, we had huge rainstorms and I had to travel. When I returned, I realized the ants were gone!! Amazing. Relocation is a great service. I am very grateful.”

— SCH, California

Success Story

Marcia and Hal

"For years we have had insects and critters of all types… rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, mice, and rats eating our produce, flowers and trees. In fact, we have had many uninvited guests hanging out in our house as well…ants, mice, spiders, tiny insects. We used toxic chemicals, traps and other harmful measures. They didn’t work!

After the amazing Pest Out Now Service we were astounded at the results. Everything was cleared. We were amazed. Almost a year now and no pests. What a relief!!”

— Marcia and Hal

Success Story

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