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February News and More

Get to Know Us! Pests Out Now Co-Founders Marilyn and Patricia Smith Sisters Marilyn and Patricia Smith were born and raised in Watsonville, California. After high school their paths diverged, Patricia attended the University of Oregon Health Sciences Center, in...

January News and More

A New Year’s Message From Patricia and Marilyn We are excited and happy to greet everyone for the new year with a new and innovative approach to pest control. Even though we have just launched our service we were recently guests of the award winning radio program Shag...

December News and More

Happy Holidays from all of us at Pests Out Now! How Does Pests Out Now Work? We use special techniques including Universal Light to relocate the pests harmoniously. Elevated frequencies of light can have strong, positive effects and resonate well with all of life....

Success Story

SCH testimonial

“A couple of months ago, I moved into a lovely, relaxing home…but not for long! To my amazement huge numbers of uninvited guests appeared. Armies of ants started invading my bathroom, bedroom, kitchen and part of my living room. I cleaned like crazy but they kept coming back. My friends at PESTS OUT NOW offered to help. I said “why not” but thought I’d have these guests for good!

Shortly afterwards, we had huge rainstorms and I had to travel. When I returned, I realized the ants were gone!! Amazing. Relocation is a great service. I am very grateful.”

— SCH, California

Success Story

Marcia and Hal

"For years we have had insects and critters of all types… rabbits, squirrels, raccoons, mice, and rats eating our produce, flowers and trees. In fact, we have had many uninvited guests hanging out in our house as well…ants, mice, spiders, tiny insects. We used toxic chemicals, traps and other harmful measures. They didn’t work!

After the amazing Pest Out Now Service we were astounded at the results. Everything was cleared. We were amazed. Almost a year now and no pests. What a relief!!”

— Marcia and Hal

Success Story